With over 40 years combined experience, we make British-made machinery for the manufacturing and processing sectors.

MattressTek excels at developing and producing innovative automation machinery that improves productivity, efficiency and reduces risk. Specialising in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of manufacturing and processing machinery and conveyors, we have the expertise to help you to improve the overall operational performance and capability of your production lines.

All of our machines are British-made, designed and built in-house on rock-solid foundations using our own manufacturing facilities and the latest state of the art machinery equipment. Our in-house CAD designers and engineers know how important it is to understand good design and build to ensure quality in the make up of our machines.

Our current mattress and foam processing machinery products include Tape EdgeTuftingTackingFabric Roll SlitterHandle Making, Handle and Label Attaching and Spring Unbaling machines, Sock CloserSergeTek and we’ve developed a full portfolio of mattress making machinery including BorderPanel Cutting, Stuffer and Stacking machines.

We also offer a Full Factory Automation Solution with our range of straight-line and multi-directional belt and roller driven Conveyors.

The MattressTek brand represents innovation, quality, and reliability. Our desire to improve and innovate is ingrained within the company ethos.

It’s our aim to maintain our reputation as a leader in the industry, driving productivity, developing and manufacturing leading-edge technology to remain specialists at the forefront of the worldwide mattress industry.

All of our machines are wholly designed and built on-site in modern, purpose-built premises just outside Manchester, UK.

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