Sock Closer Mattress Sock Closing Machine

Mattress Tek’s – Mattress Sock Closing machine. Designed to effortlessly close fire retardant ‘SOCKS’ for foam bed units. Can be integrated into any conveyor line after the mattress stuffer.
The machine has been design to work either in line with a mattress conveyor line or perpendicular to the line where you can add as many sewers to the line to keep up with demand.

Sock Closer Features

  • Mattress handling size up to 2.3 Mtr x 2.3 Mtr (90″ x 90″).
  • Capable of sewing any length of mattress.
  • Designed to work either in the mattress production line or perpendicular to the line where you could have multiple sewers to speed up production and work safer.
  • High quality juki sewing head.
  • Ergonomic controls with a knee pad controller so the operator can have both hands on the product while being able to slow down, stop and restart sewing with just their knee.
  • High quality touch screen.
  • Can be integrated into a mattresstek mattress production line or any existing conveyor line.
  • Full factory automation project management service available.
  • Full conveyor layout visualisation of your production line available, to truly view and understand the conveyor line proposal.
  • Full electrical control circuit project management.
  • High quality motor drive.
  • Fully CE certified