Stuffer Tek

Mattress Stuffer

Designed to use the latest engineering material and techniques to create a simple to operate yet highly functional and reliable machine. The mattress stuffer provides a solution to stuffing mattresses into a bag, sock or mattress zip cover with ease.

Automatically detects the dimensions of the product being stuffed and automatically adjust to suit. Conveyor-driven belts with a grippy surface allow powerful drive and compression of the mattress into the bag / sock.

Easy to operate and ergonomically designed.

Machine Features

Full CAD design layout visualisation of the production line proposal
Full electrical control circuit project management
Automatically detects the product dimensions before entry and automatically adjusts to suit
• Unique conveyor drive system using only one drive to drive all 4 top conveyors and one to drive the 4 lower conveyors,
making the conveyors feed the product more consistently without foam layer slip
• Intuitive and easy to use touch screen for manual operations and setup
• Simple dual touch foot pedal to cycle the machine through its process
• Maximum mattress / product size is: 80” wide x 16” deep
• Minimum mattress / product size is: 38” wide x 4” deep
• Other sizes available including Mattress topper sizes
Fully CE certified
• Low noise

STUFFER TEK Mattress Stuffer

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