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Vertical Border Machine

Designed to use the latest engineering material and techniques to create a simple to operate yet highly functional machine.

The high-speed chain stitch sewing head, mounted on high quality linear rails, coupled with inverter driven motor, ensures consistent square corners on the castellation pattern. Two driven rollers in front and the rear of the sewing head ensure consistent drive and holding the material with minimal stretching of the fabric.

It has also been designed with the operator and maintenance engineers in mind, with two large guards that pivot from the centre and when open expose the entire machine for ease of operation, material feed and setup, threading up and maintenance.

Machine Features

High quality, single needle double chain stitch sewing head
Rubber coated drive rollers to feed material through accurately
Large capacity infeed roll frame
Material runout detection for all 3 fabric layers
Castellation stitch pattern
Quick and simple set up of the pattern spacings
Adjustable width up to 20” (250mm) (More available – machine type dependent)
Simple running controls, with: Speed adjustment / Manual jog feed /Rewind works in both directions / Easy controls to adjust pattern widths and lengths
Unique inverter driven rewind system to create tighter rolls, meaning more material on each roll
Full safety electrical circuit
Fully CE marked


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