TAKTEK Simulated Side Stitch

Mattress Tek’s – TAKTEK is a Simulated Side Stitch machine which is fast, reliable, British made and with high quality components. The machine features 4 fully refurbished PFAFF 3306 sewing heads a HMI touch screen for ease of use, easy, quick manual head position and 2/3/4 TAK configuration.

TAKTEK Features

  • 4 fully refurbished PFAFF 3306 Sewing heads – 20 stitch per TAK to give a thick TAK
  • 2/3/4 TAK configuration.
  • Speed – can do 1100mm in under a minute with 60mm spacing – in 2/3/4/ TAK configuration.
  • Border widths from 6” to 20” as standard.
  • Robust steel frame mounting.
  • Purpose made material guides.
  • Easy to use, simple HMI controls.
  • Steel infeed frame.
  • Material run out sensors.
  • Thread break detection.
  • Unique inverter driven rewind system to create tighter rolls, meaning more material on each roll.
  • TAK width spacing easy achieve with quick simple manual movement.
  • TAK pull through changed simply on the HMI.
  • Full safety electrical circuit.
  • Fully CE marked.