Stock Machines

Newly-built stock machines

Alongside our service of designing and modifying our existing models, we have limited stock of some of our standard models of popular machinery required in the manufacturing of mattresses.

Currently we have Tufters, Tape Edgers, Roll Slitters Vertical Panel Cutters and SergeTeks available.

Used and Refurbished Machinery

Second Hand / New Life Machinery

As well as new stock and bespoke machinery, we have access to a range of second-hand used and refurbished machinery.

From Tufters, Tape Edgers, Roll Slitters, Stitching machines and Tampers, we are able to refurbish, service and repair machinery that is no longer needed, in order to give it a new life.

We can also buy used machinery and are able to decommission machinery that is not fit for purpose.

MatraMax Mattress Tape Edge machine

High Speed Electronic Tape Edge machine
Power assisted carriage movement.
Variable speed straight-line control.
Variable corner-speed facility.
Powered head positioning control.
Needle cooling system.
Tape feed synchronisation system.


Gateway G660-KS Jumbo Tufter

Second-hand manual tufting machine for the manufacturing of mattresses

Reclaimed Double-headed SergeTek overlocker

Standard model Roll Slitter – reclaimed / refurbished

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