We are excited to announce the launch of AUTOMATE TEK

Although we started in the provision of machinery, specifically use in the manufacturing of mattresses, we have expanded our range to process and handle the materials and components used in the production and manufacturing process (and in full automation production lines). This includes foam, springs, polymers, fabric, packaging, etc.

Our presence online and at trade shows like Foam Expo and interzum has meant that we have also received enquiries from all across the world to use our machines, in an adapted form, in other industries of manufacturing, far beyond beds and mattresses, to serve the automotive, interiors, furniture, industrial and fulfilment and logistics sectors.

As a result, we are introducing AUTOMATE TEK to differentiate the machines that can be made bespoke and modified to your tailored requirements and specifications.

So, we are working on a new offering that will help manufacturers and processors to find our machines and provide a solution that fits their needs, no matter what their industry. We are experts in problem solving and preventative solutions that fit into existing and new production lines to automate and streamline facilities and plant operations and make them more efficient, reducing time wastage, downtime, increasing productivity, capacity and volume of output.

Technical director Shaun Peel says: “Innovation is what we do. Adapting and redeveloping our machines to suit bespoke customer requirements. So it made sense to listen to the feedback and act on it. All of our machines have an element of programmable automation, so AutomateTek was a logical choice.”

Sales director Michael Birtwistle adds: “Whilst we started in the servicing of the mattress and bed manufacturing sectors when we set up back in 2017, and will proudly continue to do so, some of our customers also work across other areas of manufacturing such as foam, springs and the processing of all manner of other materials. We don’t want to deter those who can benefit from using our machines and solutional approach from enquiring because they associate us with one niche.”

Watch this space!

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