Mattress Spring Unbaling Machine

The all new SPRING UNBALER TEK has revolutionised the way rolled spring packs are unbaled. This new and innovative design makes unbaling your springs, safer, more reliable and saves factory floor space. It has a unique door sliding and locking system. Packaging rewind and removal method and an internal turntable to assist the product dispense safely and efficiently.

Machine Features

Strong, robust and space saving design
Bottom internal rotary turn table to allow easy rotating of the product
Door slides around the arc of the machine for further space saving
Double door locking system, with safety electrical interlock
Rotating bar to safely and efficiently remove the product wrapping for easy dispensing of the product and disposing of the wrapping
Foot pedal to control the machine and dispense the product safely while leaving the operators two hands free for handling the product
Powerful and reliable motors
Full safety electrical circuit
Fully CE marked

UBTek Spring Unbaler

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