Mattress Fabric Roll Slitting Machine

Our all new fabric roll cutting machine with powerful inverter driven blade and fabric rotation, simple and easy material cutting on a linear slide motion and built in blade sharpener.

A strong yet simple material bar holding mechanism with a built in unique internal tube clamp and back to basic simple to use controls make this machine an asset to any manufacturer.

Machine Features

LH and RH versions available
Standards length of 2.5m rolls (Longer available on request)
Can cut up to 380mm (Larger available on request)
Inverter driven fabric and blade rotation to set the correct cutting speeds
Easy load and lock system
Simple and quick (unique) internal tube clamping mechanism
3 external chucks to grip even the trickiest of rolls
Re-Roll system available
Lightweight and easy to use mechanism to cut the roll
Free moving handwheel to move the blade down the machine
Measurement system (Manual or electronic positioner)
Simple and useful operation buttons right at the operator’s fingertips
Powerful and reliable motors
Full safety electrical circuit
Fully CE marked


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