RS TEK Mattress Fabric Roll Slitting Machine

Mattresstek’s all new fabric roll cutting machine with powerful inverter driven blade and fabric rotation, simple and easy material cutting on a linear slide motion and built in blade sharpener. A strong yet simple material bar holding mechanism with a built in unique internal tube clamp and back to basic simple to use controls make this machine an asset to any mattress manufacturer.

RS Tek Features

  • LH and RH versions available.
  • Standards length of 2.5mtr rolls (Longer available on request).
  • Can cut up to 380mm (Larger available on request).
  • Inverter driven fabric and blade rotation to set the correct cutting speeds.
  • Easy load and lock system.
  • Simple and quick (unique) internal tube clamping mechanism.
  • 3 external chucks to grip even the trickiest of rolls.
  • Re-Roll system available.
  • Lightweight and easy to use mechanism to cut the roll.
  • Free moving handwheel to move the blade down the machine.
  • Measurement system (Manual or electronic positioner).
  • Simple and useful operation buttons right at the operator’s fingertips.
  • Powerful and reliable motors.
  • Full safety electrical circuit.
  • Fully CE marked.

Call a member of our MattressTek team on 01282 479922 today to discuss your Mattress Machinery requirements.


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