Foam Insert Water Jet Line

Crate Foam Insert Cutting Line (with water jets)

The second full-scale automation production line for a customer in America, comprising 3 (suction cup) De-Stackers, 14 CTek straight-line belt conveyors, 11 C90 rotation conveyors, a BC90 rotation conveyor and 2 Stacker (one belt conveyed and one vacuum suction units).

This water jet line is the second of two production lines of substantial scale (size and financially) in their drive to reduce the number of operators, speed up and automate their production – this reduced the number of operators from 20 to just 4!

Piled layers of foam are de-stacked by one of three De-Stackers to feed into a line of conveyors. They are fed into water jet cutters which cut required shapes of the foam components to be used in the make-up of the inserts of crates. Once cut they move along the conveyor line and onto the next stage. The C90s can feed any of the rows of water jets based on the required shape that the foam is to be cut into.

The empty pallets that the stacked layers were on are they conveyed along the first line of conveyors in the opposite direction to be stacked for re-use.

The cut foam pieces are then collected by a vacuum suction stacker whilst the excess continues straight into a hopper where the waste foam is collected.

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