Divan Border Cutting Machine

The MMC Tek is a high quality automated material ‘notching’ machine, the MMC Tek pulls along length of material down its bed using electronic linear actuators, in unison with a motor driven toothed belt system, as well as a pneumatic guided material arm.

This process happens quickly at the press of a button, your desired material is pulled to your desired length and ‘notched’ at intervals to suite your application using a pneumatic powered industrial press.

Typically, the MMC Tek is used to create corner ‘notches’ in divan bed borders, greatly aiding the operators in getting a flawless finish when attaching the fabric to the base.

Machine Features

• Bespoke sizes available
• Can be added onto any existing production lines / facilities
• Efficient, reliable, multi- adjustable speed
• Can be used on taped and non taped products
• Low noise
• Full electrical control circuit project management
• High quality motor drive and pneumatics
• Fully CE certified

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