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Belt Driven Indexing Conveyor

We offer straight line belt-driven indexing conveyors that can be used in the transportation of products and components in all manufacturing areas, including the processing of polyurethane foam buns and blocks.

This product is a 2m conveyor belt with the ability to feed a mattress or foam block or bun onto any machine to remove the need to manual handling the mattress, it bridges (index) a gap of 500mm to allow a walk way between a line of conveyors or between the index conveyor and a machine to allow room around a machine for the operator.

Machine Features

Standard length of 2m x 2m. A bespoke size can be manufactured on request.
Indexes a distance of 500mm. Other indexing distances can be manufactured if required.

Designed to flawlessly merge with all of our other conveyors in our range
Can be added onto any existing conveyor lines
High quality specialised non-marking conveyor belt
Efficient, reliable, high speed conveyor
Can be used on taped and non taped products
Low noise
Full factory automation project management service available
Full conveyor layout visualisation of your production line available to truly view and understand the conveyor line proposal
Full electrical control circuit project management
High quality motor drive
Fully CE certified


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