“Without a problem-solving culture, AI is an expensive mistake.”
The words of Rick Bohan, co-author of People Make the Difference: Prescriptions and Profiles for High Performance, in Industry Week on Feb 20th.

“Artificial intelligence (AI) won’t miraculously solve your problems unless your company is good at curiosity, effective data-gathering and use of data in decision-making.”

The piece stated that a 2016 U.S. Department of Commerce survey of 80 U.S. manufacturers and vendors reported that smart manufacturing would provide $57 billion in annual cost reductions. This represents an approximate 3.2% reduction in the shop-floor cost of production.

“The promise of smart manufacturing is significant. AI is already being used to improve safety, quality, maintenance, scheduling, product design. But many companies do not have the necessary culture in place to benefit.”

Our comment:
Our machines and experience in the installation of full production and processing lines, in multiple facilities in the UK, US and across the world help to support the transition of transformative technology and automation and inevitable advancement of industry 4.0. Automating the production lines means that they can be made efficient, streamlined, increase productivity, reduce and prevent health and safety risks, easing strain (time and physically) on operators, manage limited resources, reduce downtime, speed up production, make best use of space, increase or maximise capacity and volume of products.

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