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Roll Pack

Rolls and packs mattress pocket springs

The Roll Pack feeds beds of pocket springs into a roll of packing paper ready before being wrapped and pushed onto a pneumatic positioner which raises the packed roll and stands it up onto a pallet.

Machine Features

  • Strong robust, steel constructed spring roll packing machine.
  • Capable of roll packing Bonnell springs, pocket springs, etc.
  • Automatic conveyor infeed of the spring pack into the machine.
  • Can be conveyor linked to a mattress assembler to automatically feed down a conveyor line and directly into the machine with no human interaction.
  • Adjustable pack compression.
  • HMI touch screen with full controls of pack size, batch number and various other settings.
  • Automatic ejection and palletising of the packs (4 to a pallet)
  • In an automatic sequence / setup can reduce manpower significantly.
  • 2 paper rolls can be loaded at the rear of the machine.

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