New TAPE TEK Tape Edge Machine Launched

The New mattress tape edge machine has been designed to handle manufacturer’s full product range from 45mm to 546mm to meet today’s deeper premium mattress sizes all using one TAPE TEK machine.

Improved mechanical designs and attention to detail ensure straighter taped mattresses and smoother corners, resulting in a better quality finished product.

MattressTek are focused on high performance, only using leading suppliers and high quality components to reduce downtime and improve efficiency. MATTRESSTEK machines are designed to be maintenance friendly. Mechanical and electrical assemblies can easily be replaced and simply plugged in, reducing the need for an electrical/mechanical technician.

All our MATTRESSTEK machines are designed, manufactured and built at our premises in the UK, by our team of experienced fabricators and machine builders. This sets us apart from our competitors and gives us full control over the whole design and build process.

Prior to shipment all machines are meticulously tested and trialled on customer samples.

Download TAPE TEK Specification Leaflet