CentreAlign TEK Centre Aligning Conveyor

Mattress Tek’s – . Central alignment conveyor automatically conveyors a product onto the machine, detects the size, datums and squares the product into the centre then feeds it onto the next conveyor or machine in the mattress line.

Perfect for aligning different size mattress products centrally on a mattress production line.

CentreAlign Tek Features

  • Mattress handling size up to 2.3 Mtr x 2.3 Mtr (90″ x 90″).
  • Designed to flawlessly merge with all of our other conveyors in our range.
  • Can be added onto any existing conveyor lines.
  • High quality specialised conveyor rollers
  • Efficient, reliable, high speed conveyor.
  • Low noise.
  • Full factory automation project management service available.
  • Full conveyor layout visualisation of your production line available, to truly view and understand the conveyor line proposal.
  • Full electrical control circuit project management.
  • High quality motor drive.
  • Full safety electrical circuit.
  • Fully CE certified

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