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CentreAlign TEK

Centre Aligning Conveyor

Central alignment conveyor used to automatically convey a product and feed into a machine, detects the size, datums and squares the product into the centre, before feeding it onto the next conveyor or machine in the production manufacturing line. This includes the processing of polyurethane foam blocks and buns, in the making of mattresses or the manufacturing of other products, moving and transporting them and other heavy duty products.

We have developed a complete range of machinery to fully automate your production process, from in-line belt driven conveyors to 90 degree turners.

Our comprehensive project management service supplies a full factory visualisation, tailored electrical controls and bespoke machines to achieve the best possible solutions for all industries.

Our high performance machines are designed to be maintenance friendly, only using leading suppliers and high-quality components to reduce downtime and improve efficiency.

Machine Features

Mattress handling size up to 2.3m x 2.3m (90″ x 90″).
Designed to flawlessly merge with all of our other conveyors in our range
Can be added onto any existing conveyor lines
High quality specialised conveyor rollers
Efficient, reliable, high speed conveyor
Low noise
Full factory automation project management service available
Full layout visualisation of your production line available, to truly view and understand the conveyor line proposal
Full electrical control circuit project management
High quality motor drive
Full safety electrical circuit
Fully CE certified

CATEK Centre Align machine

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