We were asked to contribute to their view of the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement by Jeremy Hunt MP today (22.11.23).

“Many manufacturers seem to be struggling, despite reports that we (the UK) are 8th in the world and the jobs market is back on track. We have taken on four new employees in the last two months alone and so are expanding, growing and winning awards, all down to our lean approach and innovation.

All our machines are designed, built (with British steel and components which we bought in bulk at a fixed price and our precision components arm makes the parts) and tested at our UK site and installed by our own engineers.

This approach is passed on to our customers, who seek to implement programmed automation systems to streamline, speed up and optimise production, whilst ensuring better accuracy, safety, productivity and efficiency. It’s a sensible investment in the long run and we even secured funding to prepare the shipment of our machines with the internal construction of pallets and crates, rather than incurring costs and delays through suppliers. We’re insourcing!”

In summary, the Chancellor announced £4.45bn of support for the manufacturing sector, even directly mentioning talks with MAKEuk. More than £2bn has been earmarked for the automotive industry and £975m for aerospace, supporting the manufacturing, supply chain and development for zero emission vehicles. Check out MAKEuk’s wishlist and debrief.

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