We’re proud to be a British business, with established and growing export success, and we always try to share our knowledge and learn from others in the manufacturing world with webinars and specific hours on Twitter, like #ManufacturingHour and #MadeInBritainHour and, to celebrate our growth in US markets, #USAMFgHour.

Last week, USA Manufacturing Hour hosted their Thursday-weekly session, this time around ‘Creative Problem Solving’. As engineers and designers, this is something we are hot on and strive to instil as part of our values. Made In Britain also focussed on Innovation & Growth through Diversification.

Along with this session, Industry Week also ran a piece by Chagrin River Consulting LLC’s principal, Rick Bohan, around ‘Good Problem-Solving Culture’. This is also something we are keen to act on.

We involve our workforce in the design and build of our machines, as well as encouraging and welcoming their feedback and suggestions of how to improve and develop our machines and where we can add value, ensure quality and help to solve problems and prevent issues for our customers, at design stage and during installation.

Our team of designers, engineers, fabricators, welders, fitters and labourers are all empowered to raise suggestions for development and contribute to the continuous improvement of our range.

This goes hand-in-hand with our ethos of identifying ways to prevent and solve problems for our customers, at the initial call to see what they want and explore what they need, whether it is fitting production lines into tight spaces to specific measurements, to reducing labour and risk to operators, ensuring sustainability and efficiency, as well as increasing capacity and speed of the amount of products made and processed.

Take a look at our range of machines and conveyors and get in touch to explore how we can help you.

The Industry Week piece stated that: “Creating such a culture requires an investment in training and ongoing communications. The benefits, though, are substantial and real. Organizations that successfully create and sustain a visibly strong problem-solving culture – one in which problems are identified, tackled, and solved more quickly and effectively than they are by competitors – have a clear and sustained competitive advantage that translates into better market share and better employee engagement.”

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