A division of MattressTek, an award-winning brand in the UK, we help manufacturers and processors of product and components (such as foam, springs, fabric, packaging, etc) with production solutions that fit their needs, through our range of machines and conveyors, no matter what their industry, with full design, build, testing and installation.

Our automation machines and conveyors fit into existing and new production lines and can be programmed to automate and streamline facilities, making them more efficient, reducing time wastage, downtime; increasing productivity, capacity and volume of output.

Our range of belt and roller driven conveyors can be designed and built to bespoke dimensions (height, width, length and incline) to fit into new and existing production, logistics and fulfilment lines, and are used in the flipping, rotating, turning and manoeuvring (90⁰, 180⁰ and 360⁰) to transport products and components across and around factories, between areas and levels, alongside and in place of operators.