With our expertise in the fields of automation and innovation, we have been redeveloping some of our machines to meet the growing needs of the manufacturing industry.

We are excited to introduce our BMC Tek (which is an upgrade from our BCUTTTek) and the MMC Tek which is brand new and is used for notching and stamping divan borders.

All of the new machines are programmed to cater to bespoke customer need and allow the processing of various widths, lengths and thicknesses of material.

They will fit into existing production lines and work alongside, and in place of, minimal operators.

Take a look at some of our machines that we have been re-developing to meet the demands of industry 4.0 and the inevitable transition into automated production lines.

We have also recently installed further BRIDGETEK conveyors, as well as various belt- and roller- driven fill-in flip up extension arms.


The MMC Tek is a high quality automated material ‘notching’ machine, which pulls a long length of material down its bed using electronic linear actuators, in unison with a motor driven toothed belt system, as well as a pneumatic guided material arm.

This process happens quickly, at the press of a button – your desired material is pulled to your desired length and ‘notched’ at intervals with a triangular shaped stamp pneumatic powered industrial press to suite your application.

Typically, the machine is used to create corner ‘notches’ in divan bed borders, greatly aiding the operators in getting a flawless finish when attaching the fabric to the base.


The BMC Tek Border marking and cutting machine has been designed to mark and cut a range of material widths depths and lengths, this includes materials up to 300mm wide, 50m long and an uncompressed height of up to 35mm.

This fully automated piece of machinery has a manual operation mode built in for bespoke cuts, testing or maintenance purposes.

The machine is designed to make the operating process easy and efficient with low maintenance. It can mark the border material, measure out your desired length of your chosen material and provide a fast and effortless guillotine cut.

Suitable for batch processing and includes run-off and cut sensors.

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