Manufacturers across the world are become increasingly aware of the growing need to consciously automate processes and production, in the vein of ‘digital transformation’. This inevitably incorporates AI to streamline systems, draw from data (mined and inputted) and make operations more efficient, whilst saving and preventing the wastage of time, resources and materials.

We operate on a lean manufacturing approach, whereby only materials and time that are required are spent on projects, unless of course they are bespoke projects that involve and demand significant R&D (research and development), prototyping and testing. Many of our machines incorporate an element of programmable technology to automate, speed up production, improve and increase productivity and prevent/manage the risk with regard to health and safety (with the use of laser ‘light curtains’, for example).

We also recently taken on technicians and bought equipment for the machining of precision components through CNC (Computer Numerical Control), and launched MPC Tek to offer this service (milling, spinning and turning), as well as Fabrication.

IndustryWeek recently hosted a webinar about ‘Digital Transformation’s Impact on Industrial Machinery’, in association with Siemens (Digital Industries Software), whereby vice president of industrial machinery, Rahul Garg spoke, alongside director of industrial machinery solutions, Guilio Camauli and Fathom co-founder, Brent Rovertson.

Introducing, Industry Week explained: ‘the pace of change and its depth has accelerated and expanded within the industrial machinery industry in recent years. In response, component manufacturers, machine builders, equipment manufacturers and their business partners have been investing in digital tools and solutions to help them create better business processes, improve their products, lower costs and accelerate time-to-market. This large investment has been called the digital transformation.’

Th webinar explored what types of digital tools are companies investing in, which solutions provide the best return on investment, what can be accomplished with these new software capabilities and whether there is a cost-effective way to compete.

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